Essay on Taliban and Women’s Education

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Women in America do not have to worry about a terrorist group coming and taking their rights away. They have a government that protects them from these groups and makes sure they have the same rights as others. In the Middle East, especially Afghanistan and Pakistan, women are scared to speak too loudly. These women live in fear each day of their lives because if they make one small mistake it could mean their life. Yet, there are some people who are fighting for women’s rights, especially women’s education. Malala Yousafzai is a girl who fought for women’s education. At the age of eleven, Malala began writing a blog for BBC Urdu. The blog described how she was upset that women’s education under the Taliban would be forced to stop. Malala …show more content…
On the contrary, the reason for the Taliban being so strict and harsh about women’s rights is the same for every religious extremist. Like the Jewish Pharisees in the New Testament of the Bible, and Christians throughout time who have hurt others, for example the Holocaust, they do it because they believe that God has given them the rights and laws to do this. The Taliban also see the Qur’an in a different way; they may read a passage and interpret it the way they want to see, it but not as it is supposed to be meant. A passage from the Qur’an states that if a man or woman is caught committing adultery, they should be flogged with a hundred lashes; however, it does not say that the stoning to death is justifiable for the crime committed. But, by reading this passage from the Qur’an it can be seen where the Taliban may have believed that God wanted them to kill the adulteress because a hundred lashes is a serious punishment, which could lead to death (Western 104). Also the Taliban does not like the idea of Westernization. They do not like that in Europe and America how we let our women have the same rights as our men and how we are to modern and are not traditional and the reason for this is because the Taliban are based on the traditional Pashtun tribal custom (Vermette 1).
On the other hand it is difficult for Middle Eastern women to get an education. They face many obstacles if they want

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