The Klan And The Army Of God

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When it comes to defining terrorist there seem to be some ambiguity in the criteria of what is considered terrorism and what is not. Conversely, Crone and Harrow (2011) suggested the best definition of domestic terrorism is belonging and autonomy of the west. Accordingly, this criterion eliminates some terror acts directed towards the government while inclusive of others. Eugene (2004) argues regardless of the level of autonomy the groups possess the defining attribute of the group or individual is the overall aim or intent. Accordingly, Tom argues the best definition of domestic terrorism would be individual, groups, or organizations that live or have residence in this country and advocate and inflict acts of terrorism guided by their own …show more content…
The most obvious difference between the Klan and the Army of God is the Klan has the distinct reputation of remaining secretive with the acts it commits. Hence, the Klan operate today as before, as the Klan like to be referred to as the invisible empire. Nevertheless, the overall influence of the Klan is waning as segregation is more of a norm rather than exception. The Army of God seeks publicity and continues to thrive despite negative public perception and opinion about the acts that are associated with the Army of …show more content…
The Klan and the Army of God is selective of those who partner with their group. Those joining must support and advocate a philosophy of hate mongering and must be willing to use fear tactics and employ violence while denouncing the acceptance of certain races. The Animal Liberation From clearly focus on animal rights and less on the races. The Animal Liberation Front does use or inflict violence against humanity; rather against the property of those who support imprisoning animals. The Animal Liberation Front assert this violence is not criminal but rather civil disobedience and should not warrant being arrested for exercising their constitutional civil rights. Conversely, the Animal Liberation , the Army of God and the Klan were all on the Federal Bureau of Investigation watch list at one time due to the criminal havoc and mayhem they each caused while espousing their cause through religious propaganda. The animal Liberation Front allows any races to join their membership provided those joining are willing to denounce animal captivity and refuse to subscribe to violence against other

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