Essay On Women's Rights In The Kite Runner

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Women all around the world are seen unequal to a man. To people womens are fragile, unable to do a “man's” job, though women have proven this statement to be in fact wrong. In today’s you see women being equal to men. In some countries, such as Afghanistan, women are still downgraded from how men are treated. In Khaled Hosseini's novel The Kite Runner the right of women is a great theme shown throughout the book, illustrated by the characters views and the Taliban society. Muslim women have certain standards that are expected for them to meet. They are expected to go into an arranged marriage with no questions asked. Sometimes they marry men that are close to their family while there are other times where they marry a complete stranger. Why …show more content…
They have no say in whom they will marry or how they live. In The Kite Runner Amir is not allowed to go up to the general’s daughter because shame will be put upon her for talking to another man, that is not family. These women just go on with life and have no ambitions because they know that will never happen. No woman is allowed to go off and get an education and become a surgeon. None of the women in Afghanistan, who live by tradition, know how to read nor write. All of these reasons why women don’t do anything is part of Taliban law because they believe that men should be in control. Throughout the country man is in control. Control over women, war, government, the men have a say in everything that is done. A man is what makes up the Taliban and the Taliban is what has control over the country. The Taliban in The Kite Runner has very harsh laws like they do in reality. In the novel they spot out whom are a disgust to their country. Taliban society takes the Muslim religion very serious, and in that is why women are hidden from the outside world. In that society women are a symbol of lust and temptation. If one is to give into that before marriage they will be punished in harsh

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