Structure and Development of Australian Curriculum Essay

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The ACARA is a curriculum document that is collaborated with Government, and stakeholders. It is responsible for the overall development and processing of the curriculum throughout Australia, Providing a set of instruction guidelines for each state and territory. It is a document containing descriptions for teachers to work on lesson planning, assessment and reporting. It focuses on what is to be taught and what students are expected to learn from the curriculum, providing a basis for each state and territory to work from when putting together their educational programs etc. focuses on providing programs and information (links) etc to help promote education and development of students throughout. Parents, teachers, schools, and …show more content…
Each learning area includes a brief rationale outlining the aims and objectives that are achievable. It is then arranged into year levels and /or specific subject areas describing the content of what will be taught, breaking down the area into subsections to specify particular areas. For example, English is divided into three sub-sections, language, literature and literacy. According to Australian curriculum having this skill will enable students to apply logic and strategies, evaluate and problem solve. These abilities are required throughout education and an essential life skill. Australian curriculum further explains that students can apply these in maths, English, Science and History. This is followed by an outline of achievement standards that students are expected to meet, and a glossary of terms used to provide definitions that are not understood. The Australian Curriculum is also shaped by Theorists and Philosophers who have influenced the way Curriculum is written and how it is viewed.
Consider the models of skillbeck and Tyler, these are two different views of how curriculum should be organised. Skillbeck’s model follows the descriptive view of curriculum planning and considers the various elements that effect and contribute to learning. Skillbeck understands that

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