Stress is in the Eyes of the Beholder?. Discussion Essay

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I agree with statement “stress is in the eyes of the beholder”. Stress is an upset in the body’s balance, in reaction to an adverse or disturbing event. Hans Selye, a pioneer in stress research, defines stress as the nonspecific response of the body to any demand made upon it. Stress comes about not from an event, such as failing an exam or winning the lottery, but from how we respond to it. Stress is found everywhere, in all aspects of life. It is inevitable and unavoidable. The sources of stress vary from person to person. Stress can be derived from external factors such as traffic jams or an ineffective or inefficient work environment. Stress also stems from internal factors such as our emotional state, our perspective on life or the …show more content…
Stress can also manifest itself in psychological disorders, including anxiety, depression, anger, feelings of loneliness and inadequacy, chemical dependencies and abuse and lack of concentration. If the negative stress in your life outpaces your coping skills in stress reduction and weakens your resilience, you should not hesitate to seek professional assistance. A variety of remedies or techniques is available for different types of stress. Psychological problems are much better understood today than in the recent past. Various drugs and other therapies are available for treating a wide variety of problems. Psychological problems are best dealt with by consulting a professional such as a counselor or therapist. These professionals can help individuals suffering psychological effects of stress by helping them understand these situations and manage their response to them more effectively.
Because of the likely connection between emotional or mental concerns and physical ailments, physiological problems are best dealt with through consultation with both a health professional and a mental health professional or wellness counselor. Typically an individual experiencing physiological stress will be given a test battery to diagnose the sources of the stress and potential solutions to the problems being experienced. A

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