Smoking Ads from Different Periods Essay

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Images are a powerful force in advertising. They are used to promote different perceptions and attitudes towards products. They are used to manipulative, people’s reactions. They will never focus on the negative things that are associated with the product, only the positive ones. Manufactures, are ambitious and use adverts to to give them power, and engage and encourage customers to spend money.
The images that I will be talking about are smoking. Image one is a commercial advert selling cigarettes. The other is an advocacy advert that is trying to persuade smokers to stop. Commercial advertising is advertising that is in a commercial interest rather than in support for political or a social use. Advocacy advertising is, however, used
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The target audience are young men, and also young woman, because the way he is posed it shows him as a sexy male. His features are masculine, powerful and confident. Another reason it is targeted at young smokers is that the vocabulary used is straight forward. The celebrity associated with smoking is John Wayne. He is a famous cowboy actor that stared in many movies. He is seen as an influential figure posing for the camera. He looks strong, smiling and relaxed. It is intended that Camel cigarettes are seen as being the same.
Further down it says “The roles I play in movies are far from easy on my voice- I can’t risk throat irritation. So I smoke Camels- They’re mild” and is signed by him. This is an effective way the advert is persuading people to smoke. His signature gives the cigarettes authority. Camels are good for you especially when he says that his voice can’t risk throat irritation, so he uses Camel’s as an alternative choice from other cigarettes. It is also made official looking by John Wayne’s signature. The effect of this is that readers will probably agree with what he says, because John Wayne is a popular Hollywood star. Younger people will want to be like him, so they will buy the product. The word that is key is Camels are “mild” this, added with the representations of John Wayne, show Camels as a relaxing, calm, cool item. The irony is that cigarettes achieve this. In my opinion the advert has succeeded.
The writer uses a

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