Sleeping Disorders Essay

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Benjamin Franklin once said "Early to bed and early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy, and wise." This quote contains a lot of wisdom. Many people like a lot of sleep but not everyone get the amount of rest recommended each night. Lack of sleep is the condition of not having enough sleep. While sleep is a necessity its importance is undervalued; lack of sleep may cause health, academic and safety issues.

Health Risks cause by sleep disorders can be obesity, heart diseases, diabetes and depression. Obesity is a health factor that many countries are suffering from but the obesity in society is not always from bad eating habits, obesity can be cause by a sleeping disorder. Not getting enough sleep each night can make one gain weight. If
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Some need to use supplementary oxygen or a device that increases pressure in the upper airway and chest cavity to help them breathe and sleep better. Men with heart failure most of the time have a breathing disorder that cause many nighttime awakenings, disrupting sleep and causing daytime sleepiness.

Sleep is beginning to be recognized as an important factor of body functions. Some sleep disorders have a big influence on the development and management of diabetes and the complications that come with it. Lack of sleep can affect hormones and metabolism in ways that promote diabetes. Sleep loss reduces levels of ones appetite suppressant, while boosting levels of their appetite stimulant. This is a bed combination that makes prompt sleep-deprived people eat more. Most people who get less sleep don't snack on fruits and vegetables, they usually crave salty, fatty potato chips. Adding overweight to a sleep disorder can increase ones risk of developing diabetes

Everyone feels sad every once in a while, but sometimes this sadness lasts a long period of time causing depression. Most depressed people oversleep possibly making their depression worse. Sleep disturbance was once a symptom of depression but once the sleep disorder is treated and the sleep is restored symptoms of depression decrease. Sleep and depression have a connection, one with depression should get a sufficient amount of sleep so the depression gets better.

Sleep deprivation affects ones

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