Should Schools Switch Over to Digital Books? Essay example

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Long ago printed books were a technology in itself, people marveled at it that written scripts can be available in printed form and they can read and easily carry them instead of those baked tablet scripts or writing found on leaves and tree trunks. Books cultivated a culture, made discoveries, promoted imaginations and intellectual progress with their power to share and shape ideas. Printed books are a technology in itself and generations have learned and grown and is still growing with books in their hands.

But today’s generation are at crossroads, rapidly advancing and observing transformations of technology which promises to fundamentally change the way they access and read the written words. We have very well seen and observed a
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With digital books, material can be updated, corrected and compared a lot more faster than a regular textbook.

In todays modern era when the teaching and learning techniques have changed so much then why not the exercise to read from book. Traditional way of being lectured is getting obsolete so to catch it up our textbooks needs to be digitalize. Digital/eBooks are more than simply being the version of printed book, In digital books we may find features like videos, moveable diagrams and interactive models which try to keep the student busy and enhances his power of imagination like a 3D version of a simple thing.

Digital books also provide us a wide variety of choice to pick between the best of the best text in any subject. They don’t need to be physically reprinted when they are updated, new additions are available more quickly and easily.

The debate or the argument usually made by Man that ebook would not make any further progress in replacing real/paper books believing that people would not read books on their desktop computers. But having a close look on today’s steady increase in tablet and Smartphone usage anyone can easily state that digital form is the one used more each year with thousands of surveys done on them.

Yes, it is true due to less availability of some topics/subject of interest of certain reader available in digital form people are still dependant on printed form but this doesn’t mean that they will remain on this.You don’t see printed

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