Essay Should People Learn Chinese or English?

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Communication is an important aspect for human existence and interaction in society. It is the ability that performs in diverse areas of social, economic, and political engagements.In order to improve opportunities that increase in modern times, it is necessary for people to develop mastery of language(Pinon and Jon 5). Currently, many languages satisfied in interaction among people in the world. Such languages are important aspects in areas such as research, entertainment, business, and industry.In order to gain benefits in these areas, people must understand specific languages that can be applied and popular around the world(Pinon and Jon 5). This research is to analyse and survey about preference between Chinese and English …show more content…
During international travels, people who speak English have an easy time talk with officers of immigration control because most of the offices involve use of English as the official language.Those who does not know English often require translator or interpreters who is difficult to find in most parts of the world(Pinon and Jon 18). Unmaster in English will show the limits of the knowledge about English. Modern society is the undevelopment of cultural exchange programmes. Most cultural exchange programmes are manage in English as opposed to Chinese. Therefore, it is necessary for people to put efforts toward to learning of the language. Most entertainment content is produced in Hollywood. Productions are undertaken in English and this reality makes it necessary for people to improve their knowledge and understanding of English(Pinon and Jon 22). People who lack understanding of English often rely on subtitles in the attempt to make sense of entertainment products such as movies and music that is important issues in society. The misunderstand English could lead to confuse. The issue of entertainment is closely related to cultural exchange programmes that take place in modern society. Most exchange programmes take place in English because it is one of the widely used languages in modern times.Communities that lack knowledge of English find it difficult to discover benefits that shows from such programmes(Pinon and Jon 25).

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