Rhetorical Arrangement Of Mother Tongue By Amy Tan Essay

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Rhetorical Arrangement of "Mother Tongue" by Amy Tan

Amy Tan, in her narrative novel - "Mother Tongue", recounts her thoughts of her mother 's "broken English". Tan 's purpose is to explicitly express the influences on her life exerted by "Mother Tongue", in order to attract readers with similar feelings and experience. She employs delicate rhetorical arrangements such as classification order, narrative anecdotes, and comparison. These delicate rhetorical arrangements are effectively beneficial to Tan 's purpose of writing this short novel. This paper will analyze how Tan 's purpose is achieved by her delicate rhetorical arrangements. In the first place, Tan adopts classification order to present progressive thinking of her mother 's English which affects her life. Three space breaks show the classification: Tan 's first thinking was that "I was made keenly aware of the different English I do use"; Then, "I 've been giving more thought to the kind of English my mother speaks"; Finally, "I have been thinking about all this lately, about my mother 's English, about achievement tests." These sentences and words reflect that Tan went into critical and deep thinking step by step. At the beginning, Tan noticed that she used the same kind of language as her mother in family, and this language had become "language of intimacy". Further, she tracked back to her growth, realizing that her mother 's "broken English" exerted a strong influence on "shaping the language of the child".…

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