Screw it, Let’s Do It: Lessons in Life and Business by Sir Richard Branson

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Examining Traits Consistently Related to Leadership Effectiveness

It is unfeasible to admire, appreciate or approve of an effective leadership if one cannot equate what makes a leader effective. For that reason, comprehending what is considered effective leadership has to be view through the traits of a successful leader. As stated by Gary Yuki (2012) leadership has been a topic that has long motivated interest among society. The word leader denotes the phantasmagorias of powerful self-motivated individuals who lead triumphant militaries, direct corporate empires, or influence the direction of nations (Yukl, 2012). One such leader this author thinks exhibits such traits is Sir Richard Branson the CEO of Virgin.
Sir Richard Branson is
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In Branson’s book, “Screw it, Let’s Do It: Lessons in Life and Business”, Branson state entrepreneurship requires a special kind of courage to start and sustain your business (Branson, 2012). He state that you must be able recognize your fears, evaluate the sources and afterward decide how to advance is what differentiate success from failure in a new business (Branson, 2012). In other words leaders need motivation to overcome their fears. Hughes, Ginnett, & Curphy (2012) states “most researchers define motivation as anything that provides direction, intensity, and persistence to behavior” (p.352).
Moreover, as stated by Hughes, et al., (2012) motivation normally come into play a person selects an activity or task and will be persists with the effort on a long term bases. This author believes that Sir Branson exhibit strong motivation in his business ventures. Sir Branson personality traits seem to be a major component of his effective leadership. As an example, Forster, Parrer, & Wöss, (2013) cite that openness to new encounters and social consistent have the maximum connection with competent working behavior. This is to say that unique physiognomies as exhibited in Richard Branson are extremely important for entrepreneurs. Sir Branson is enthusiastic when it comes to taking risk and being proactive.
Branson also seem to have the trait of an extrovert. As Baack (2012) state that extroversion are

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