Sagarmatha National Park is located in Asia between India and China: Tallest Peak in The World

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Sagarmatha National Park

On Top of the World It is a crisp April morning. A cobalt blue sky complements the brilliance of a white peaked, towering mountain top as a team of climbers eagerly await their chance to begin their ascent. Faded fabric colors thrash in the wind, carrying the prayers of so many for good fortune as they prepare for their journey. Trekkers flash cameras, smiling at the thought of what they are about to conquer is the tallest peak in the world, Sagarmatha.
Sagarmatha National Park is located in Asia between India and China in the Solu-Khumbu region (Sagarmatha National Park). There are ten parks within Nepal total; however, Sagarmatha encompasses 124,400 hectares of land (Sagarmatha National Park).
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The land varies depending on the area and altitude. According to UNESCO, 69% of the land is barren, 28% is grazing land, and 3% of the land is forested. Since a majority of the park is located in higher altitudes, it is difficult for life to thrive. Very few plants and animals can stand the harsh climate in the upper region. Fed by water melting from the glaciers of Mount Everest lies the Dudh Kosi river. UNESCO states that this river, fed by the melting glaciers, is crucial in providing fresh water to the Sherpa people. The Khumbu glacier is an example of one of the glaciers that feeds the Dudh Kosi river. Even though only a small portion of this river runs through the park, it eventually feeds into the Ganges river and ultimately creates more physical borders for the park.
Sagarmatha National Park is filled with life of the Sherpa people and those individuals who are Tibetan Buddhists. Fueled by their passion to protect the environment and ensure that every living being is treated with the upmost respect, the Tibetan monks take pride in protecting the park. Gruzalski states in his book On The Buddha that Buddhists embark to embrace all forms of suffering and that they aspire to show consideration in every avenue of their life. The preservation of the park thrives on the mentality of the people who inhibit it and has even been quite successful for the most part. In the book The Life of

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