Research Report on Restructuring Middle Schools Essay

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Demographic shifts in local communities, funding changes and staff contract requirements are some of the local issues and concerns that drive middle school restructuring. Restructuring of middle schools may include: changes to scheduling, course options and selection, composition of inter-disciplinary teams of teachers, the amount and use of collaborative planning time, the model of support for special needs students and the creation of specialized programs within a school. Each of these areas has implications on budgets, staffing, and students’ educational experience and involves decisions that must be made or facilitated by school administrators.
Each middle school is unique in its location, school culture,
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The definition of what is essential to maintain a middle school is being called into question as the resources become scarcer and as parent organizations demand specialized programs for their children within the middle school structure (e.g. the decision made by the Coquitlam Board of Education in March 2010 to pilot segregated classes for gifted students in two middle schools).
The application of the learning from this research will serve as part of a renewal process of middle schools within the District. It will help to identify methods of decision making used throughout the District and the level of participation of stakeholder groups in the decision making process. This will also show who is allowed to participate in the decision making process within the middle schools. While decisions made by District Administrators and the Board of Education have significant impact on the school level, these stakeholder decision making processes will not be addressed in this research.
This research will apply known theories and research about decision making in middle schools and collaborative decision making models and provide an analysis of the middle schools in Coquitlam. It will also contribute a Canadian context to the body of research on decision making in middle school restructuring.

Literature Review

Research on restructuring of middle schools provides case studies of schools emphasizing collaborative decision

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