Reasons for the Legalization of Physician-Assisted Suicide in the United States

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For many terminally-ill patients, all that is left is a matter of time. They are anxiously playing a painful waiting game with their lives. People with painful diseases, such as cancer in its terminal stages, and painful illnesses have a lot to go through on a daily basis. We, without such afflictions, can only try to understand the amount of pain they are going through each minute of the rest of their lives.

Many people who are at this stage are not experiencing a good quality of life. In fact, for some, the quality of life may be appalling. They are barely surviving, and definitely not living. They are stuck in hospital rooms all day, too sick to go outside and breathe fresh air. Visiting family, traveling with friends, hobbies, interests, things they once enjoyed in life, are just those: things they once enjoyed, because now they are confined to a bed and permanently hooked up to machines just to stay breathing and keep their fragile hearts beating.

Add to the physical pain they are experiencing, the emotional and psychological pains they are experiencing. Many of these persons do not have the financial means to sustain themselves in the types of lives they are living, with the end of their lives being imminent. They are paying for hospital stays, medications, treatments, caregivers, as well as their daily necessities outside of their hospital lives. For those without the means to afford this easily, it
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