quality of relationship in homecare Essay

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To illustrate the importance of the quality of relationships between the persons receiving care and the person providing care; the roles of both persons and primary care involvements are equally significant. The indication presented in this essay will serve to establish why the quality of the relationship affects the quality of the care given. The evidence is based on a case study introduced in the K101, block 1 ‘Who Cares?’ book published by The Open University and an interactive DVD also published by The Open University and other useful resources are referenced at the end of the essay. This essay will look at the case study of Ann and Angus’ relationships with each other; the skills required for the role; specialised care necessary …show more content…
This could be quite confusing and unsettling for Angus; therefore as Ann got increasingly apprehensive, she pursued help from the Social Services Department. Angus was not keen on this arrangement at first as he felt unwanted and that Ann would eventually send him into a residential home, but after Ann explained he realised that as Ann needed assistance to care for him.

A home carer called Yetunde was employed by the social services and attended and cared for Angus’ daily needs, an hour in the morning and an hour in the afternoon. For elderly people, receiving care in their own home has become increasingly important; carers support independent living for many people receiving care and are fundamental to their quality of life.

It could be fair to say that more people who require care are remaining in their own homes, the position of the home carer has become even more important as the population of the older generation are living longer (Department for work and Pensions. Online, 12/11/11). Home carers simplify independent living for many individuals and since the alteration implemented by the NHS and Community Care Act in 1990, which was enabling individuals to live in their own homes until possible and to ensure that assessment and care plans

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