Essay on Positive Outcomes of School Uniform Use

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Schools around the country have a growing concern of violence and safety. One way they are controlling this issue is through the use of school uniforms. One in every five schools across the country both public and private are now requiring a school uniform.(Daniels) Students oppose the use of uniforms in schools due to lack of expression. "My belief is that when you go to school, you go to school to learn.” said Barbara Thompson superintendent of Montgomery schools.(Nettles) Students are in school to learn and not to worry about what they are wearing. Yes, freedom of expression may be stifled in the process, however there are more important reasons for why there is a need for uniforms.
There tends to be an understanding that there is a
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Emily Putt an eighth grader at Winton Woods City School District says “I'm in favor of school uniforms, because it puts a lot less pressure on me for what I'm going to have to put on in the morning.”(Kranz A.1) The lack of pressure on students to worry about what they are wearing, allows for students to worry about more important things like their studies.
The use of uniforms in schools are the reason there has been less violence in schools, as well as an improvement to students studies. While it's impossible to link academic success solely to uniforms, school officials say they play a role. Discipline referrals are down in most buildings.(Kranz A.1) When discipline is down there tends to be an improvement in studies. A North Carolina high school principal stated that their school uniform policy has both helped students academically and behaviorally.(Portner) This school is another of many that have shown improvement in student performance in school since implementing uniforms. "Discipline issues have decreased tremendously," stated Dr. Viola Vaughn “When children look around at each other, they don't see the name brands and clothing that often divides them."(Portner) Uniforms are a large contribution to why discipline issues are down. Safety is increased by school uniforms as well because it allows for school officials to

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