Why Should School Uniforms Be Mandatory

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Whether school uniforms should be mandatory or not has been a debate that has lasted many years. Not many studies have been conducted over the issue, but the ones that did, presented positive effects with children who wear school uniforms. The board of education needs to enforce a school uniform policy amongst all public schools because regular clothing may be destructive to students’ social and learning skills. Doing so will present a stress-free environment that will help children improve academically and socially.
“As of the 2007-2008 school year, 16.5% of all the public schools in the United States required students to wear uniforms” ("How Many Schools Require Uniforms?"). As the data states, there are barely any schools that make wearing
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One of the main reasons being that it infringes the students’ first amendment right, the freedom of expression. “Clothing is a major element of a student 's personal style and a format for creative expression,” (Kokemuller). Although students are limited on what they can wear, it is for a good cause. Another report from the researchers at the University of Nevada states that 54% of the students surveyed still felt like they had an identity in uniforms (Wharton). This shows that not everyone wearing uniforms feels that …show more content…
Ranging from classroom disruptions to gang violence and physical attacks on others. Educators have found, in 38 North Carolina high schools, that “61% of the responding principals and assistant principals believed that there was a reduction in cases of misbehavior on campus when school uniforms were introduced” ("Does Wearing A School Uniform Improve Student Behavior?"). In Long Beach, California, a report was done after two years of a district-wide uniform policy. Reports of assault and battery went down by 34%, assault with a deadly weapon by 50%, fighting by 51%, sex offenses were cut by 74%, robbery by 65%, and the possession of drugs decreased by 69% (Stanley). If there are no distractions and no bullying, then there shouldn’t be any reason for a student to misbehave or cause

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