Are School Uniforms Necessary Essay

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School Uniforms: Are they Necessary?
Some may cringe at the thought of school uniforms, meaning that they will be matching all of their peers, friends or enemies, at school. Some may enjoy the thought of school uniforms, meaning that they don’t have to worry about brand name, or off- brand name clothing defining them. School uniforms for boys normally consist of white or light colored shirt and tie, dark pants or khaki pants, and a jacket in the winter months, School uniforms for girls normally consist of a nice non-revealing blouse, a skirt, a tie, and a jacket in the winter months (School). More public schools in large cities require students to dress in school uniforms than those pubic schools in smaller cities (Fast).
"Between the 2003–04
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Students, however, CAN express their individuality by adding certain accessories to the everyday uniform. Some accessories can include belts, purses, or jewelry, such as bracelets, earrings, and necklaces (School Uniforms).
Although some students and parents like school uniforms, some do not. There are just as many negative feedbacks involving school uniforms as there are positive feedbacks. First, they can give the school a bad name. If a group of students are in their school uniforms and they are doing something bad in public, people will see them and will associate all of the bad behavior with the school. They can cause controversy throughout the school. Certain pieces of clothing cause controversy, such as ties. School Uniforms can hinder
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They are constantly pushing messages about standing out and daring to be different, so why is it that schools push school uniforms? "At a time when schools are encouraging an appreciation of diversity, enforcing standardized dress sends a contradictory message" (School Uniforms). School uniforms confine students into conformity, not allowing them to stand out. Having school uniforms in public schools interferes with the moral of a free or somewhat free education. Parents have to buy the school uniforms in order for them to participate and be in school. School uniforms can be expensive, especially when parents have to buy several outfits for their children to wear each day of the week. Some families cannot afford to buy these uniforms. "n York County, PA, a local NBC affiliate reported in Sep. 2014 that some children were missing class because their families couldn 't afford to purchase the required uniforms" (School Uniforms).
Personally, I can see both sides of school uniform policies. I believe that school uniforms make a definite difference in children 's lives. In some cases, uniforms have made a positive difference. Uniforms have been proven to promote positive behavior among students, allowing them to have a sense of formality. Uniforms have also been known to promote negative differences towards students. Mandatory uniforms leads to no bullying

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