Poetry's Precious Existence Essay

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The way poetry latches on to social values and captures human emotion makes it precious to the development of human nature. Poems can force people to embrace deep feelings about subjects that they may never have thought they were passionate about before. In an article that marks poetry’s capacity to change the world, Adrienne Rich beautifully states, “when poetry lays its hand on our shoulder we are, to an almost physical degree, touched and moved” (Legislators of the World). It is an almost indescribable truth, that poetry in its many forms can send shivers down the spines of its readers. Elegies are among the many intelligent forms of poetry that possess this ability because they are known to derive intense emotions from all those who …show more content…
It is a form that takes on the big questions raised by the masses and speaks about the feelings that everyone has felts or fears to feel. As said earlier, the most widely used theme found in elegies is death, because this them is experienced by everyone. Strand and Boland highlight this importance in their book, stating, “The elegy speaks to this: That It locates the cultural customs of death in whichever society it occurs, adds greatly to its power. The best elegies will always be sites of struggle between custom and decorum on the one hand, and private feeling on the other.” (167). The writer is capable of capturing human response to tribulation and makes it real on a personal level. This makes reading an elegy very important. Strand and Boland have also said of the elegy, “These powerful modes of celebration and consolation, therefore, return the poem to some of its lost purposes. Although the guidelines for these shaping forms are not nearly as exact as those for a villanelle or a pantoum, the spirit of these forms remains profoundly influential on poetry up to the present moment” (166). As stated, the form is not limited to a set rhyme-scheme or a concrete design. Its requirements are not contracted to follow a specific structure, but like Strand and Boland shared, this reminds people of poetries purpose. The freedom

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