Pretty In Pink Sociology

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For this assignment, I watched the film “Pretty in Pink” (1989). Molly Ringwald acted as Andie Walsh, a poor teenager, who lived with her single father as a working class family. Throughout the movie, she struggles with the richer students at her snobbish high school treating her more like a misfit and less of an equal because she has less money. Andie holds her head high and brushes them off. Despite her opinion on people with money, she falls for Blaine, a “richie”. Her best friend, Duckie (Jon Cryer), is madly in love with her, and their friendship becomes when he finds out about the date. Blaine asks Andie to the prom, but ends up ditching her. You're hanging on to the your seat in last scenes on the big night of the.
The cultural elements in this movie focus on the beliefs, values, and cultural norms of Andie Walsh. The beliefs and values she holds to be true represent how she feels about her culture. Her cultural beliefs vary from the beliefs students at her high school. Andie values her morals, dignity, and education, compared to the upper class that values more of material culture, money, and appearance. People from from
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In the society Andie lives in, the students are divided by their social class. The main characters are influenced by their peers, to discriminate the opposite class. In Pretty In Pink we see this on both sides. Blaine stands up Andie for prom because he is pressured by his friend Steff, lingering him comments about how she is an embarrassment and she has nothing. Then on the lower class, Duckie talks badly about Blaine to Andie, just because of how stuck up he sounded. The higher class friendships focus more ons presence of money and social status. Working class friendships are based on social inequality and inner qualities like dignity. Because of these friendships, both of these social groups, are quick to judge people with a lower or higher status

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