Personal Narrative: Comparing the Qualities of Water with my Personal Qualities

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I set in class listening to our teacher talk about speeches. Then my eyes averted to the bottle of water sitting on my friend's desk. Then it hit me like a ton of bricks, water! Water is always looked at like the underdog of a lot of situations. Water is very adaptable. It could be a gas, solid, or a liquid but through all this its chemical state doesn’t change. I feel though this is the way that I am, through everything that I have been through, through the pain and the struggles, through the loses and the gains I still stand. These changes have made me adapt they have made me change for the better. Through all these changes I am still me. To begin with, water can change its state depending on the environment that it is placed in. if …show more content…
After the loss of my aunt I had to learn how to adapt without her. I had to use her memories so I could put them to use when I needed her the most. Likewise, water can fit into any object and it won’t change its state because it’s still water. Moving away from my home town didn’t change me. I still have the same personality but just in a different environment. When I moved from Rochester to Philadelphia, I had to adapt to the small size of the town and all the plants and trees. The quietness of the city took some getting used to but I adapted to it. The friendliness of people was something new, everyone spoke weather they knew me or not but I got used to it. With all these changes that have occurred it didn’t change me, I'm still me. Finally water is extremely durable. You can’t hurt water in any way as a matter of fact water can hurt you. No matter what you do to me I will only become stronger and better the next time around. Friends change they come and go, but you learn to deal with the loses. I have learned to look at my enemies as sandpaper. They scratch me they leave me with bruises and damage me all the time. Eventually they become worn out they are all wrinkled and used up but they leave me smooth and shiny. I feel durable and no matter what, I will always outlast my enemies. At last water is an underdog. No one considers water as great and powerful as steel, but it is. Think about it. If you were to jump

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