Performance Planning for Powerful Management Essay

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Planning is used to determine the priorities and focus and resources to strengthen the operation to ensure that employees and other stakeholders are moving toward a common goal, the establishment of the organization and management activities around the expected results protocol / outcomes, assess and respond to adjust the direction of the organization changing environment. It is the production of basic shape and guide the decisions and actions of an organization is, who is the service, what it does, and why it is doing and focus on the future and disciplined effort. Effective strategic planning, not only sheds light on the intentions and actions of an organization need to be taken to make progress, but how will know if it is successful. …show more content…
Therefore, managers should be passed to the lower level of management by objectives, when the organization's most senior managers to determine the organization's goals, you must be effectively decomposed into various sub-sectors as well as personal goals, targets managers based on the completion of subordinates to carry out the assessment, evaluation and reward.(P F. Drucker)
Strategic planning is divided into three stages, the first stage is to determine the objective, namely the development of enterprises in the future, to deal with various changes to achieve the goal.

The second phase is to develop this plan, when the target is determined after considering what means, what measures and what methods to achieve this goal, which is strategic planning.

Finally, the text form of strategic planning, to prepare for assessment, approval, if approval not pass, then it may also require multiple iterations of the process, need to consider how amendments.
How does it works in weir son
Goals and manage plans are set up between the departments and staff in certain levels of expectations of sales and figures. And they are set either as long term plans or short term plans ranging from one to 10 year plans, trying to grasp where the company would like to see itself in the years time. The would vary now . There is not a one set plan. Obviously growth is the biggest program sales, focusing on exports. Strength and Growth of sales depends on export business and

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