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Omar Epps

In the movies, Love and Basketball, and The Program the viewer can see various similarities that develop. One of the obvious comparisons can be seen in how the actor Omar Epps performs and the similar situations he’s faced with. In both films, he goes through struggles and reveals the life of a highly recruited athlete. The Program is produced by Samuel Goldwyn, Jr., while Love and Basketball is produced by Spike Lee and Sam Kitt.

Love and Basketball is a movie that combines a love story with how basketball affects the relationship of two high school sweethearts. The two main characters in the movie are Quincy and his girlfriend, Monica. Quincy is played by Omar Epps and the story begins with showing how he is a
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Quincy does a good job of facing his father’s failure but it ends up affecting his performance on the court. Yet Quincy still fulfills his dreams and ends up going on to play in the NBA along with eventually marrying Monica.

Based primarily on football, The Program displays how college football deals with athletes and how they are treated. One of the premier athletes in the film is played by Omar Epps. His name is Darnel and is a star football player from a high school by the name of Taft. Taft is located in Los Angeles and Darnel is faced with the important decision of what college to choose. He takes a recruiting trip to Easter State University and meets a girl by the name of Autumn. After much deliberation, Darnel decides to play football for ESU. When Darnel gets there, one of the first things he does is try to hang out with Autumn. The only thing wrong with hanging out is Autumn has a boyfriend, and ironically he plays the same exact position as Darnel on the football team, starting tailback. But just like on the football field, Darnel thinks he can do whatever he puts his mind to and is convinced Autumn will soon be his. In addition to jumping this hurdle, Darnel has been faced with other problems his whole life. He comes from a broken home, and lived with a minister throughout high school, not really ever knowing his parents. Although Darnel has many

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