Tarple Concussions In Football

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A.J Tarpley, a 23-year-old undrafted free agent linebacker for the Buffalo Bills, intercepted Ryan Fitzpatrick to win the game and keep the New York Jets from making the playoffs. Little did he know that biggest play of his young career would be his last. Two weeks ago Tarpley announced his retirement because of concussions. He had suffered his third and fourth concussions last season while playing in only fourteen games. His third concussion occurred during training camp last summer, when he was trying to make the team. He didn’t tell anyone about it because if he did they would make him sit out of a portion of training camp and possibly cause him to not make the team. On October 5th while the Bills were playing the Jaguars in London Tarpley suffered his fourth concussion. His teammate accidentally hit Tarpley in the temple with his helmet. …show more content…
The amount of reported concussions has doubled over the last ten years (www.headcasecompany.com). The number of reported concussions in 2012 was 3,800,000 which is double of 2002 (www.headcasecompany.com). Also there are an estimated four to five million concussions annually compared to the 3.8 million that are reported (www.headcasecompany.com). That means there are between .2 to 1.2 million concussions that go unreported each year. Another crazy fact is that 1 in 5 high school students will sustain a concussion during the season of whatever sport is going on at the time (www.headcasecompany.com). Also 47% of reported sports concussions occur during the high school football season (www.headcasecompany.com). 33% of high schoolers who report that they have a concussion will report two or more concussions in a year (www.headcasecompany.com). These statistics show that we have a serious concussion epidemic on our hands. Lincoln 2011
Concussion Rate (per 1000 AE or athlete exposure) Marar 2012
Concussion Rate (per 1000 AE or athlete exposure)
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