Interesting Facts About Concussions

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24 March 2017

What Are the affects of a concussion

Every concussion is different, no two concussions can be the same. A concussion can affect many people in very different ways (10 Interesting Facts About A Concussion n.p.). Anyone can be vulnerable to getting a concussion. There are many stages to a concussion. Two people can be in the same stage, but it will never be the same exact concussion. There are about 1.6-3.8 million concussions that are reported in the U.S. each year. It is important to know the affects of a concussion to know what the signs are, how to treat it, and how to avoid it.
What are the signs of a concussion? Concussions can be very serious and cause permanent brain damage. “They
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Depending on how severe the concussion is will determine the course of treatment. Most concussions are mild, but some can be severe. Some of the things that are being done to determine if a person has a concussion are: initial evaluations, head CT scans, and balance testing (Powell n.p.). If a person has the more severe symptoms of a concussion such as the loss of consciousness or amnesia they should consider looking into one of these tests. These tests can determine how severe the concussion is. It is important to do these tests, “The short term and long term damage from concussions can be devastating” (Wilcox 26). Severe concussions can cause permanent brain damage. As one might suspect many concussion cases are caused by sports. Many people believe that football is what causes the most concussion cases, but it is in fact horseback riding. If someone suspects that they may have a concussion they should make sure that they do everything to treat the concussion to the best of their …show more content…
Student athletes can be especially vulnerable to getting a concussion (Powell n.p.). Knowing how you get a concussion is the first step in helping people avoid it. In sports the best way to avoid a concussion is to play by the rules, wear the proper gear, and be careful. Athletes need to always try to be as safe as possible while playing sports. Another item to note is that person does not always have to hit their head to get a concussion, it can happen when the body abruptly stops, such as when in a car crash (Wilcox 27). This means that even though the body stops, a person's brain keeps moving until it hits the inside of the skull, causing a concussion. This reminds us, especially in sports, to be careful and to be safe. Much is being done to educate athletes and the public about the dangers of concussions. There are several organizations that are now dedicated to research and education on concussion. Sometimes an individual may not be able to avoid getting a concussion, but that should not stop someone from trying to prevent getting

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