Essay about new hybrid warrior

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The purpose of armies is to fight wars and win conflicts. The nature of war is not conductive for supporting sustainment operations or humanitarian efforts. For purpose of this assignment, I chose to critique an article from the National Journal titled “The Military’s New Hybrid Warriors,” written by Sydney J Freedberg Jr in August 2009, in an effort to convince the reader of my thesis, “The Military’s New Hybrid Warrior is a fallacy, stability operations and humanitarian efforts conflict with United States (US) Army’s goals and should no longer be US objectives. Stability operations and especially humanitarian efforts, cause controversy, confusion, divide America, misguide our efforts, misdirect our focus, drain our resources, harm …show more content…
Saddam Hussein did rise, but our objectives were not stability operations in 1991 and it should not have been the response to the 9/11 attacks. However, instead of arresting Osama Bin Laden and charging Al-Qaeda for the events of 9/11, Saddam Hussein along with fifty other terrorists were identified and the “Global War on Terrorism” was born. An army’s purpose is to win wars. Based on that standard, the Global War on Terrorism has failed miserably. The only real accomplishment the Global War on Terrorism can claim thus far is vast confusion and debauched Military leaders who advanced the quandary by “second guessing” the army’s objectives and further changing the direction of our force. Stability operations, humanitarian efforts and this “New Hybrid Warrior” concept need to be scrapped and replaced with a renewed effort to defeat our enemies. The US is now a target. Nothing less than destroying our enemies will guarantee the protection of our citizens, resources or even the other counties we are attempting to defend. The US should not have allowed doubt to exchange an obtainable objective of protecting our resources for an insurmountable goal of liberating nations but that is what happened. This fact is affirmed in an August 2008 article titled, “What Went Wrong” written in response to an interview with

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