My Philosophy on Education Essay

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My Philosophy on Education

Throughout history there have been many philosophies on education, they range in content, from subject area to disciplinary measures. I do not believe that one should completely follow someone else’s example, but instead form their own personal theories based on their current knowledge base. Philosophies are ever changing and often redundant in their statements, yet still allow others to learn something they may not have ever considered before.

I believe students, children, are naturally curious. They are not good or evil as many philosophers believe, but instead very open to new experiences that can shape their developing personality. The nature of knowledge is very relevant to what
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To get a job in society today, which pays above minimum wage, a person almost has to have a high school education and some college or technical training. It is becoming impossible to function in society if one can’t read or does not have good communication skills. A good education allows children, even very young ages, to realize that they can succeed. Anyone, who is willing, can learn, even if the rate of learning is slower or faster than average, the ability is still there. Education is a stepping stone to higher self-esteem. I feel that teachers can be an encouragement to children in more aspects than reading, writing, and arithmetic. As an early education teacher I hope to teach children that exploration leads to learning, and learning can be fun. I want my students to feel they can experiment independently, but not fear asking for help when a major problem arises. I would like for them to began developing simple problem solving strategies, whether it be conflict management over a toy or comforting another upset child. I hope that my students learn that often working with someone towards a common goal makes the goal more easily accessible. I hope they gain a feeling of self worth and individuality, and accept that not everyone is the same, but that’s not a problem.

To portray my methods I want to draw one particular thought from Rousseau, I too feel

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