My Philosophy of Education Essay

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My Philosophy of Education

Several experiences have influenced my philosophy of education. Some of these experiences have been good, others have not, but they have all proved invaluable in shaping my methods of teaching. As a non-traditional student, I have learned many lessons since being out in the “real world” that have changed my opinions about learning and teaching. I believe in Social Reconstructionism, Progressivism, and discipline in the classroom.

I desire to become a high school teacher because I feel that students at this age needs a positive role model and someone they can speak to without talking down to them. I want to encourage my students every step of the way, as they bolster their confidence in themselves and
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With Progressivism in the classroom students can learn more about the subject and make an informed decision. Many of the issues in this country today are based on science, for example should drilling for oil be allowed in Alaska or should cloning be allowed? If a student does not understand the complexities of the issue, how are they going to make an informed decision? Once the students understand these concepts they can weigh what is relevant and most important to them, such as do I vote for oil drilling in Alaska knowing that it will endanger the environment and kill many animals, or do I not? Students will then have the ability to objectively look at the situation from more than one vantage point.

Some other teaching methods I would use would include daily review of class material discussed, tests, scientific experiments, and group activities. I would use the daily review to reiterate class material studied and to clarify any lingering questions students may have about the subject matter. These tests would give me the opportunity to monitor the students’ progress, and with my philosophical beliefs this is very important. In addition, the tests would pinpoint material that is difficult for the students to grasp. Scientific experiments would give students a chance for hands-on activities, and offer kinesthetic learners an additional way to gain knowledge. Scientific experiments give students the opportunity to design and

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