My Philosophy of Education Essay

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Philosophy of Education "I just know I'm next. Don't call on me, don't call on me. Please, please! Whew! ! ! That was a close one. I hate it when that teacher calls on me to answer questions in front of the whole class. I never know the answers. He knows I don't know the answers and that's why he always calls on me. Yep, he hates me alright. One of these days I'm going to...Oh, yes Mr. Jones, I can come work that problem for you. Thank you, sir."

What you have just read are thoughts that took place in the minds of any number of students, sitting in any number of classrooms, today. In the eye of the student, the teacher is out to ultimately destroy him while all of his classmates stand idly by and watch. In reality, of course,
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In order for a child to receive the best possible education, cooperation and collaboration between the parents and the teachers on a regular basis is necessary. Proper interaction between parent and teacher ensures that everyone is working toward a common goal for the child. As with academics, I also believe the same applies to discipline. I don't believe children are born either entirely good or entirely bad. A child's behavior is influenced by his parents' action and reactions to situations, the actions (and again reactions) of his friends to certain circumstances, and also what is defined to him as being right and wrong.

Education helps to shape and mold the characteristics a child already possesses in order to fashion competent, self-sufficient future citizens. In addition, education introduces the child to new worlds and areas that he otherwise would not have had access to. Education allows the child to think in new ways that he never has been able to before. This is important because knowledge is power. It is power over one's own actions and future, power to make a difference in one's family and community, and power to change the world as a whole. In my teaching career, I intend to help my students recognize the person each is capable of becoming and encourage them to work toward reaching their full potentials. The world

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