Essay about My Family's Medical Issues and My Desire to be a Pharmacist

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The experience I had during my senior year was inevitably the worse. My mother was in a critical condition when she was diagnosed with jaundice. Her liver had swelled up to 18 centimeters when her body rejected the sulfur drugs were used for her fungal infection treatment. My father was in and out of the hospital for the side effects of his medications. He suffered emotionally and physically for almost three months until he found the most compatible drugs to treat his illness. With both incidents occurred during my summer vacation, I was half-hearted to leave my family behind to continue my senior year. There was no doubt it affected my studies as it reflects on my undergraduate transcript. At that point, it has pulled my grades down and …show more content…
This overwhelming work environment gave me the opportunities to lead in multiple cross platforms with little supervision. In one situation, a newly diagnosed cancer patient was upset because she could not receive her medication after the insurance rejected her prescription of a brand name drug. I took the situation in control as I personally attended her by updating her on this issue until the problem is resolved. I have done this quite a number of times while working at Walgreens. Leadership in the pharmacy profession is about making the right decisions in a quick manner and at the same time, being attentive to the patients’ needs while taking into account their diverse background.
Cultural awareness played a huge role in my undergraduate years. It is important to understand human behaviors based on their cultural impacts. This has enabled me to engage with the diversified patients as a certified pharmacy technician. I participated in a Greek organization called Theta Delta Sigma Inc. that promotes diversity on campus where I was the vice president for two years. We promoted diversity through events such as Movie Nights where we play movies that emphasize on traditions and cultures from around the world each week on campus. There were times where we collaborate with other organizations and student associations from different backgrounds on presentations and workshops such as

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