Essay on Most Important Political Parties in The US

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After several days of taking notes in class, filling out my Value Worksheet and Issues handout, and discovering the results from these handouts, I have concluded my political philosophy is liberal. In addition to these in class activities, my liberal view on many issues has influenced which political party I feel the comfortable with–the Democratic Party–and which political sub-group–the Tea Party–I feel the least comfortable with. However, my liberalness really stands out in the issues I consider important-immigration, education, and healthcare-as I advocate for the people who do not have access to these basic and essential resources. Before figuring out my political philosophy, I considered myself a moderate. As far as I knew, a …show more content…
I realize some issues do not have a middle ground—in cases like these, I make sure that I have enough information about the subject in debate and I think about the ethical considerations regarding the subject, and the implications of both sides of the debate. Based on the results I gather, I then choose the side which I think has the most ethical consideration of the subject in debate. The main reason I felt conflicted, however, has to do with my belief in which we have no right to tell other people how to live their life. This belief, which I think of as very socially liberal, brought some ethical conflicts within my views. The bias in the questions and statements listed out on the Value Worksheets and Issues handout, brought my conflicting ethical views out in the light. One example in which this ethical conflict occurs in is my belief in the value of life. While I see abortion as wrong, I believe a woman should be able to do what she wants with her body. Siding pro-choice (and therefore liberal) on this issue, allows me to keep my view on abortion, while also keeping my belief that a woman has the right to do what she wants; in the end, it is a choice after all. Issues, like abortion, which can involve me in multiple ways, be it my beliefs, gender, race, or other personal factors make choosing a side difficult. However, my belief that we cannot tell others how to live their life and my strong belief

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