Essay on Melting in the Arctic and Global Warming

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The acceleration of the heat in the Polar Regions has their powerful influence on global warming and the overall heat balance on a global basis. Furthermore, the warming of the climate is directly connected to the overall heat characters of seasons and the periodical difference between them. Such circumstance of course is and going to have its consequences on the globe and the environment on a crucial level. This brief essay primarily aims to explore and discuss the warming procedure that the Arctic is going through, regarding its implication on the global balance of the climate. The Polar Regions are well-known for their role in controlling the Earth’s balance of heat . The whole world’s heating and cooling balance …show more content…
Of course, warming firstly affects the cover, than the Polar Regions and evidently, the whole world. This event directly refers to the greenhouse effect, a phenomenon which enhances not only the warming of the globe, but also in the Arctic . It is thought everything in the environment is connected to each other, from water to wind; earth to air, and to living forms, a slight change in the climate affects all these elements of our environment. It is possible to state that 20th and 21st centuries are the ones which include the highest accelerations in climate warming; the rapid melting of the Arctic glaciers in Alaska in the last five decades, can be shown as an example here . There is a positive correlation between melting of the glaciers in Alaska and the increasing carbon dioxide release. As the carbon dioxide release increases, warming also will increase. Furthermore, warming of the climate also increases and this results with the increase in the melting of the Arctic glaciers. Of course, we can construct the connection even by ourselves: such acceleration in melting results with the increase in sea level, which also affects the life forms, oceans, coasts and the overall balance between heat and water. “Scientists attribute

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