Marketing Research Tools Essay

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Many companies conduct market research to gain knowledge and understanding about current customer behavior and culture, competitors, and market trends. There are different techniques that companies can use to obtain valuable research, and each technique has its own unique application. There are many research tools that are used by companies to gather primary and secondary research for marketing decisions. Primary and secondary research techniques have different characteristics and achieve different objectives, and are used when applying qualitative and quantitative approaches. Furthermore, certain research tools are used for these approaches for various reasons.
Primary and Secondary Research Tools
When a company conducts
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247, 2007). Furthermore, these people are motivated do shop at different places within the mall and at different times.
Companies also use other forms of primary research such as mail surveys (Aaker, Kumar, & Day, p. 254, 2007). Mail surveys are questionnaires that are mailed to potential customers and then are returned through the mail back to the company. This process can be very time consuming and expensive because of postage costs, incentives for the participant to mail back the survey, and surveys could be lost in the mail or ignored by the participant.
Secondary research is data that has already been previously gathered by someone outside the company, and is generally gathered first by researchers to guide the direction of their primary research (Burns & Bush, p. 146, 2006). This type of research is very inexpensive to conduct. One form of secondary research is gathering internal secondary data (Burns & Bush, p. 148, 2006). This type of data is collected from with inside the company and is used to review information on customers, sales, suppliers, past inventory, and other aspects of the company in the past. Another form of secondary research is the use of online information databases (Burns & Bush, p. 150, 2006). This marketing research tool involves many sources of information presented by search engines on the Internet. Companies

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