Life as a Resident Assistant Essay

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Life as a Resident Assistant

In her first year as a Resident Assistant, Andrea Robinson received a Christmas card from a resident named Charlotte, thanking her for helping Charlotte adjust to her new life at college. Robinson recalled that Charlotte was overcome with homesickness, as many first time students can be, and to help boost her spirits, she went with Charlotte to an opening week picnic. That made a huge difference for Charlotte and her gratitude she conveyed in the card. But the message had an extra meaning to Robinson. “I was just doing my job,” Robinson said. But knowing the difference she had made to Charlotte, she asked, “Why wouldn’t anyone want to do this for the rest of their life?”

That revelation
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After Robinson had finished her bachelor degrees, she applied for a director’s position at several universities. “When [Ball State] called me for an interview, I drove down the next day. I fell in love with the campus immediately, and was offered a position right away. So I cancelled all of my other interviews,” Robinson said.

Before coming to Indiana, Robinson grew up in Tomah, Wis., with her two sisters and mom, who divorced her dad when she was thirteen. She attended the University of Wisconsin at Stevens Point and majored in speech pathology and audiology. She continued her education at Ball State and received a master’s degree in higher education and student personnel administration while working as a hall director.

What does a hall director do? Robinson’s week consists of at least 20 hours of meetings, out-of-building responsibilities, extra-curricular projects, office hours, and the unexpected crises and paperwork. There is no such thing as a typical day for a hall director. You never know what will go on in a day or what situations you will be faced with simultaneously, Robinson said.

Robinson’s atypical days are furthered by unusual moments. Robinson recalled she was once on the telephone with her mother, a nurse, asking for further explanation concerning things a doctor had told her in reference to a resident who attempted suicide. During the conversation, Robinson’s mother heard her speak to someone

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