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In all of American history, there are many men who stand out and emphasize the history ofour country. This man, John Hancock, is one of those extraordinary men that stand out.John’s life began on January 16, 1736 in Braintree, Massachuchetts.John was the middle child of three. He was the son of (Rev.) John Hancock, born on June 1, 1702 in Lexington, Massachuchetts and son of Mary Hawke, born on October 13, 1711 in Hingham, Massachuchetts. Mary was once married before she married John Hancock Sr. Her previous marriage ended in her former husband’s death.(Rev.) John Hancock was well-liked by his parish, was paid well, and was provided a very comfortable home. In return of their generosity, he was a "faithful shepard." He …show more content…
He translated from Caesar’s Commentaries,

Cicero’s Orations , and the Aeneid. The major purpose of the school was to prepare a student in the liberal arts so he can follow the same path at college. The foundation of the school was classical languages, but with his mastery of the ancients, he also acquired knowledge of history, philosophy , and theology.

By the time spring came around in 1750, John was finishing his time at

Latin. He had completed the school’s curriculum and was preparing for college. Of course the choice was Harvard. He was armed with a conspicuous heredity, money, and recommendations from Master Lowell. John didn’t have any trouble getting into Harvard.

In the fall of 1750, John, Latin alumnus entered Harvard College. At the

age of thirteen and a half, he was the second youngest boy in his class, and he was ranked fifth out of the twenty in his class.

College work for Hancock was practically a continuation of his work at

Latin. The emphasis in college was still languages (Latin, Greek, Hebrew)7, but also he got the chance to study geography, geometry, arithmetic, and astronomy. It isn’t known how well John did in school, but for his future, that was set by his family heredity.Besides John’s good work in school, he also had fun, as many did in college. In late August of his sophomore year, two of his friends and him went to a local tavern. They began a drinking exhibition, but during this display, they got a black servant so drunk

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