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So much anticipation for one word- rosebud. Citizen Kane is considered to be one of the greatest films. With it’s immaculate editing and acting, the film deserves its advertising. The story of Charles Foster Kane is told through interviews and flashbacks of not him, but those involved in his life. The plot builds up for the interviewers and characters to finally reveal what the significance of the words are. Though it was torturously slow, the reveal definitely tugs at your heart and makes the films worth the wait.
After Charles Foster Kane (Orson Welles) dies with the last words “Rosebud” on his tongue, reporters and investigators are determined to solve the mystery behind the simple word. However, in order to complete the task, they had
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It is through his second wife, Susan Alexander (Dorothy Comingore) and his past employee, Jedediah Leland (Joseph Cotten) that his life story is exposed. Charles Foster Kane was not brought up like most because of his lack of childhood. The physiological effects of his absentee parents caused him to become controlling and overbearing, resulting in strained relationships. However, that did not stop him from rising to be a wealthy influential man. But fame doesn't last forever, so eventually Charles Foster Kane’s popularity deteriorated.
As society has become more technologically advanced, film quality has also improved. However, Citizen Kane is way ahead of its time with different editing techniques, acting, and much more. One of the most noticeable cinematic aspects was the action and the minimal cuts throughout the film. In the scene where Charles Foster Kane is tearing apart a room, the camera does not cut to show different angles, but rather is seamless. This is both a reflection on the flawless cinematography and acting. Dramatically speaking, Orson Welles, is able to portray the age of his character perfectly by being out of breath and moving with stiff steps, but also is able to act for so long that
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I have grown to tolerate black and white film, however I am still not fond of them. I also though the film’s mood was too depressing and slow. The plot was not too interesting to follow along with. However, I will not deny the flawless acting and seamless camera actions. It was beautifully produced and directed. I was a little disappointed to find out “rosebud” was his sled. The film dragged on for so long for the sole purpose of revealing the big mystery, but it was just a childhood sled that eventually got thrown away. Overall, though I did not enjoy the film’s plot, I can definitely see why it would be considered one of the best films of its

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