The Great Gatsby Movie Vs Book Analysis

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The Great Gatsby comparison and contrast between the book and the 1974 movie.
The difference between the ways the book expresses and shows the characters then in the movie, but the movie helps you understand the plot and storyline better. The 1974 movie uses vision to show the characters filled with emotion while the book uses dialogue.
The Great Gatsby plot and setting in the movie and book are mostly the same.
Most of the movie used things from the book, but some things were changed. The 1974 movie pretty much was a accurate interpretation of the book’s plot very and gave a picture the setting and time period that the book gave off well. Most of the movies dialogue was taken directly from the book. The movie did a great job representing
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Nick's honesty with not only himself but also with others and his ways make him stand out more then any of the other characters. Nick's character represent in the plot of the movie is much better then in the book. He is everything the other characters aren't, but also showed in a less creepy way in the movie that represented in the book.
The storyline in the book and movie have the same points of plot diagram. The climax in the book is when Myrtle is killed by Daisy hitting her, which caused George’s
Character to go off the deep end and kill Gatsby for “revenge”. Myrtle's murder is actually described more in detail in the book than Gatsby’s murder. In the movie,
Gatsby's murder is more seen as the climax. Everything that takes place afterwards, the Nikolas Carneglia
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12/1/14 revelation that Gatsby was as lonely as everyone else and practically just a normal human being, that everything he did was in vain, is seen as the falling action.
I’m glad that I read the book and seen the movie, because both versions gave me a great understanding in someway, whether it was read in the book or watched in the

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