It's Time For a New American Dream Essay

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The forefathers of our great nation established America with the idea that its citizens would be guaranteed life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Well, today we have liberty and are free to pursue happiness. However, what about the quality of our lives? Are we striving for greater material wealth and ignoring moral and social responsibility? I believe we are. The modern American Dream must transcend the previously established boundaries set forth by the founding fathers of our country. We must demand greater integrity from our leaders, more equality for all segments of the population, and a system of healthcare and help for the underprivileged.

The people of the United States must demand greater integrity from our leaders.
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Barack Obama promised peace but gave us murder by drone and endlesss wars. In order for our youth to grow up with respect for America, as well as earn respect from other nations, scenarios such as these must not occur in the future. Our democracy was not founded on false principles, and in order for it to survive, our leaders must abide by a higher set of moral standards and truths.

Morality should have the same definition for all Americans, black and white, rich and poor alike. Consequently, there should be equality for all segments of the population. In our society today, there are too many rifts among many different ethnic groups that divide the people. It seems that blacks have their own agenda, Hispanics another, and so on and so on. This behavior and attitude of these ethnic groups is prompted much of the time by the white attitude towards these races. Religions are also subject to the ideas of one being inferior to another. All our citizens must be viewed and treated as equals under the law because they are already considered equal before God. Our nation was created as an indivisible entity under God. If we don't learn to live together in harmony and as equals, our nation will be divided.

The cement that will hold our society together is the peace of mind that the government will give in the form of aid to the less fortunate. This financial assistance includes low cost living facilities, money for food, and most

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