What Is The Omen In The Alchemist

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1. Omens are the signals that will guide Santiago during his travel to the pyramids in Egypt. The first omen are the two stones that king Melchizedek gives Santiago the stones will help him make a decision when he gets confused. Santiago was a good omen to the crystal merchant with his idea of serving tea in the crystal glass help him make lots of money. Going to the desert was also an omen because it allows Santiago the opportunity to meet Fatima the love of his life. The hawk killing each other was an omen that warns the oasis of an attack. Santiago thinks because in Egypt the scarab beetles are a symbol of god, then he should start digging the dune where he found them (Coelho161).
2. In The Alchemist, Coelho personifies the sun, wind, desert, and lake as attributes of human beings. The sun said that it communicates with the soul of the world and that together they cause the plants to grow and the sheep to seek out shade (Coelho 149). Santiago says that the sun is wise because it observes everything from a distance. Coelho writes that the wind has no birthplace and no place to die has different names and knows everything yet it does not know what love means (145). The desert
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My favorite part that meant something special to me is the story of the man with two sons. One day the man had a dream that an angel appeared and told him that the words of one of his sons would be repeated and learned for many generations (Coelho156). After the man dies because he lived in a correct and fair way he went to heaven. There in heaven he meets with the angel he had previews dream of and told him he can have any wish. The father did not want anything for him he only wants to see the words of this son. The man thinks that the words of his poet son are the ones being remembered, but he was wrong the words of his military son are the ones everyone remembers (Coelho157). I learned that special words that have a significant meaning are always remembered by whoever hears

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