Is the development of technology affecting us positively or negatively?

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Nowadays, technology became one of the most important things in our entire life. First of all

what is technology? The word technology comes from the Greek words “techne” which

means “craft” and “logy” which means “scientific study of.” So technology means the “scientific

study of craft.” Technology is the electrical goods, which we use to make our life easier.

Moreover, one of the most useful representatives of technology is the computer. First, it was

not so necessary thing for people, but over time when the technology started developing by big

steps, people began to use electronic goods in increasing frequency. It became the real break in

electronics sphere, human could do only half of work and could rely on
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Today many people disagree, well or badly such fast development of technologies. And both

sides have powerful arguments for their opinion. People, who consider that technology it is

good, approve that with the development of technologies we develop too and it much facilitates

our life. If you need to contact someone, you can make it immediately and staying at home

in a convenient chair, moreover if children need to find out about something useful for their

education, they simply can connect the Internet and find it whatever and whenever they want.

You do not need to send the letter and to be worried it will reach or not. Moreover, pupils should

not go to library to look for from there the necessary books. You can save much of your precious

time, because in our world you must use your time efficiently. In addition, they persuade that

human would not be able to live without electronic technologies. How would you cook without

the gas stove? Well not on fire? How would contact to your mom due to tell her that you are

going to be late? Well not departure of a pigeon or letter? According to these small they prove

that the development of technology is very important for whole humanity.

However, there is other part of people, who think that the development of technology is

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