Analysis Of Donna's Family

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Donna’s Determinants

Income and Social Status- Donna’s family is considered to be a low income family. According to Living in Canada, the average annual wage of a painter is 10,416 (Living in Canada, 2014, para. 1), whereas her mother does not make an income, and stays at home with Donna and her three other siblings. Considering that Donna’s father is the main supporter of the family, his yearly income is not enough to provide essential needs for his wife and 4 children. This is shown through the video when Donna’s father speaks about about the family running out of food and having no choice but resort to food banks; which is directly related to the father 's income. Even when the family did have money for groceries, we noticed that whenever
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This affects poorly on Donna’s health because she is unable to get to many places quickly or effectively, especially in colder seasons or ever in the case of an emergency. For one, if it was ever too cold outside; Donna would not be safe to be outside for a duration of time. Secondly, Donna’s parents would not be able to get her to a hospital efficiently if there was ever an emergency without avoiding the costs of an ambulance. In the video, it shows how Donna has a TV directly in her room and frequently stays up on school nights watching TV and then falls asleep in class the next morning. This is an example of her physical environment affecting her overall health, which includes aspects like her physical and intellectual health. Physically, she is not getting the right amount of sleep required for a 10 year old; which should be in the range of 10-12 hours (Kozier, 2013, pg.1122). Intellectually, she is not getting a positive stimulation from watching a television show; rather she should be challenging her mind and learning new things. Other aspects of the physical environment around Donna’s home include, the air quality and overall safety of the home. During a gathering in the living room, Donna’s father had been smoking in the house; rather than outside. This shows the poor air quality, and how it can affect not …show more content…
This has had a large impact on the families physical environment, and education. Due to the fact that the father has not been able to consistently hold a job, there has been many times where the family has run out of food in their home. A healthy physical environment includes having access to food. Healthy nutritious food has not always been easily accessible for the Montgomery children, and over time lack of nutritious diet will affect their health. The Montgomery family has moved several times around Liverpool. This could be related to the low income of the family. It is hard for children to grow and develop in an unstable, fluctuating physical environment. It is found that “children in families who moved repeatedly...were more likely to perform badly in school and have behavioural problems.” (Huffpost Parents, 2016, para. 4). This unsteady environment that the Montgomery children are growing up in, could be affecting their attitudes about education and behavior. In Donna, we are already starting to see signs of behavioral issues. The unstable physical environment that she has been growing up with could be a contributing factor to some of her attitude problems, and the negative habits that she is developing related to education. As we have stated before, she one day hopes to be a lawyer or a fashion designer, but stays up all night watching tv and then falls asleep in

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