Insomnia, the Trouble of Nights Essay

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People do many activities during day time, adults work; students go to school and study; children play games or homemakers stay at home for daily house works, but everyone do something. Even if some activities are enjoyable, easy or funny after all at the end of the day, people need to sleep to rest their bodies. Sleeping time is an indispensible part of human lives which is needed and spent every single day. Human beings need sleeping to forget tiredness of an ending day mentally and also physically, so they can restart another new day. Though people know how sleeping is important, what happens if they cannot sleep? This is the name of disease, insomnia, which means the sleep without poor quantity or quality. There are many types, …show more content…
The last classification is based on priority. If there is not any disease which does not let a person to sleep, this is primary insomnia. If there is a problem such as a pain, high blood pressure or urinary problems and causes not to sleep this type is secondary or comorbid insomnia. (Rosekind, and Gregory 617) For a human there are two states during sleeping. First one is non-rapid (NREM) which has four stages; the second one is rapid eye movement (REM). The non-rapid eye movements first stage is light sleep; second stage is light to deep sleep; third and fourth stage is deep sleep. When these states compared, some differences are observed between insomniacs and other patients. Insomniac’s deep sleep patterns are more similar with light sleep patterns which means they are more awake during deep sleep. On the other hand, there are some specific indicators that show the quality if sleep. These are sleep efficiency; the depth of NREM sleep, the amount of REM sleep and sleep continuity. . (Rosekind, and Gregory 618) There are many different reasons of insomnia. The basic three main categories for causes are natural causes, situational or event causes and health-related causes. Natural causes may be the environment for a person to sleep, such as the bed, mattress or lights in the room and also climate changes are effective on sleeping. Another natural cause is hormonal changes. For instance, during menopause and andropause humans body does

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