Impact of Internet on Marketing Essay

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This paper examines how the increasing use of internet has changed the marketing industry globally. We can see in the present trend how marketing through the internet has created a great impact on attracting the consumers in many aspects. Marketing through e-commerce have overcome the complexities that are faced in traditional marketing tools. The main focus of this study is to assess the impact of growth of the number of Internet users on the marketing industry and the findings of the study could be helpful for marketers, advertisers, PR professionals and many more people in the marketing industry. This increase in use of internet by the customers had gradually increased the revenue of advertising and marketing industry. The
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Background The development of technologies has pushed the boundaries of the way people communicate, the way the transactions occur and the way the advertising and promotion happen (Fill, 1999). The biggest technological shift of the recent past was the development and rapid growth of the Internet.
The Internet has been one of the major innovations that created a paradigm shift in many industries (Litan and Rivlan, 2001; Tapscott and Caston, 1993). Among the ones most affected were the retailing and the marketing. The Internet also became the source of many new instruments that marketers can adopt for the promotion of goods and services. Internet offers space to voice all kinds of information, news and updates thus opening new possibilities to the businesses to grow.
The Internet gives the businesses the unique ability to address the global market, and the businesses are no longer expected to be local (Chaffey et al., 2006). They are now expected to adapt to the needs of consumers around the world and to be able to cater for them.
Since the environment and instruments are changing radically the marketing industry also needs to change. It has been noted by the researchers that the development of Internet technologies pushed for the evolution of marketing management. Brannack (1997) discussed how the internet was changing the general logic of marketing, while Litan and Rivlan (2001) stipulated that the

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