Hycn: Encounter On The Dead Planet Essay

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The reflective shiny silver metal doors hissed open and Cede Nazzzuuh strode majestically into his quarters. The doors gave their snake-like hiss again and slid shut behind him. Cede went straight for the exquisite, luxurious couch set by the middle of the spacious ‘living room’ and threw himself onto it.
He was exhausted.
It had been a very busy but fruitless day. Today unlike the last five days they didn’t find anything of value to him from the alien ruins. It was seven days since they landed on the planet but they only managed to find four gold statues and two gold masks.
It wasn’t enough.
Cede needed time. Unfortunately for him, the Ekcyrien army had just arrived on the dead planet several hours past, which meant he now had to tread
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It was going to contribute a lot to his private museum. Cede collected artworks and other objects he fancied. He enjoyed collecting stuff. It made him happy – besides, he had nothing important to do.
He took out his telzomh, a sleek handheld mobile touch device used to make data transfers, video and audio calls. He typed a quick short text message to his brother and put the device away. He then reached for the touch TV remote lying on the small reflective glass table in front of him and pressed a button. The large 3D screen mounted on the wall to the far side of the room beamed to life. A high definition image of a beautiful twentyish looking young woman filled the screen. The slender babe on the screen was at least five feet tall with a very smooth, tanned porcelain skin so perfect it looked like that of a doll. The girl had slightly large virescent eyes with incredibly long eyelashes. Her abundant silky hair dark green in color, and almost reaching to her waist dangled slightly crazy but beautifully as she tried hard to keep up with her father's long fast paced strides. The flawless girl, who Cede knew too well and used to fantasize about every time he saw her on TV, had large breasts and a slim waist with wide curvy, round hips. She was wearing remarkably high heeled green boots reaching to her knees and had on a bright colorful

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