HTML/Head/Body Tags Essay

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HTML stands for hypertext markup language. It is the basis of all web pages on the Internet. By learning the “tags” or “code” of html, it is possible to publish all sorts of information globally via the World Wide Web. HTML is not difficult to master once the fundamentals of the language are understood.

HTML/Head/Body Tags – There are several tags that are essential when writing an HTML document. The four foundation tags to learn are: <html>, <head>, <title> and <body>. The html tag is always first, as it identifies the type document. Next in place is the header tag, which will show the name of the document. The title tag always follows the header tag and the name of the document appears inside this tag. Last is the body tag.
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· A short guide to basic HTML with an example of using the <p> tag.

· Comprehensive information on using the paragraph tag in hypertext markup language.

A HREF – This is the html tag used to link to another page or another area of the document. The code used to embed a link looks like this: <a href="file or destination.html">.

· Basic explanations of the tag with examples.

· Step-by-step instructions on creating hyper-links using the a href tag.

· Adding links to a website.

IMG SRC – Image source is the tag used to add pictures to a web page. Here is an example of how it is written: <IMG SRC="images/filename.jpg">. In order for the image to show on the page, the entire path or location of the image must be placed within the tag.
· An interesting document that details the IMG SRC tag, how to align pictures and how to resume text after inserting an image.

· Interesting web page with information on linking images

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