Essay on Howard Stern

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Imagine, you are driving in your car, and you turn on the radio to an adult talk show station. After a few minutes of listening, the commentary is almost unbearable because the host uses profanity in nearly every sentence. This man with the vulgar vocabulary is Howard Stern, a man considered by many to be the biggest celebrity on the radio (Johnson et. al. 2). On the other hand, there are those who shun or criticize Howard Stern for his colorful and repulsive language. By definition shunning is intentionally avoiding someone or something mainly because their behavior is offensive. Howard Stern has been shunned and even fined for airing shows containing sex, profanity, and for saying things that offend some listeners such as having …show more content…
Stern is not the only person around your children that uses profanity. When children watch television or a movie, it is very likely that they will encounter a “simulated” murder or suicide, which is far worse than hearing some of Stern’s foul language (2). Stern’s choice of words may seem a little harsh to some listeners, but they certainly do not promote the concept of murdering.
In addition to Stern’s shunned for use of foul language, he has also been known to air shows about sex and drugs as well as bring comedians on his show to talk about those subjects (Reich 2-3). Pat O’Brien, a television personality on Entertainment Tonight and other programs, appeared on the Howard Stern Show to discuss “explicit messages” on sex and drugs that he left on the voicemail of an unknown woman (2-3). Likewise, shock jock Tom Clem was on The Howard Stern show during which he described graphic descriptions of drugs and sex (3). In contrast, Howard Stern should not be criticized for allowing these entertainers to harass women and have conversations on sex and drugs, because Stern gets paid to hire other people on the show to do these things. Howard Reich, a writer for the Chicago Tribune explains that, “There’s no question, however, that, in the short-term, at least, audiences have been intrigued by the possibility of hearing

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