How Does Mold Grows in Food Essay

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Imagine a person buys a loaf of bread and a cake from a bakery, and then the food is set down in the automobile and forgotten about for a few days. The person comes back only to see that the loaf of bread is covered in green fuzzy mold but the cake looks brand new. Why? The cake-contained more sugar than the bread, and sugar is used as a preservative. That is why the mold grew faster on the bread.
Sugar is used as a preservative to keep food fresh and to prevent mold. Salt is also used a lot as a preservative because it tastes good and keeps the food fresh. That is why if someone buys food containing lots of sugar and salt it lasts longer. Fruits also have the preservative sugar but it occurs naturally. Fruits can be fresh for weeks if
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That is why food gets very moldy when left in a lunchbox or bag. There are different types of mold that grow on different food. Blue mold grows on bread and is a very common and well-known mold. Green mold grows on cheese. Other molds are called water molds and live in water and soil. Bread takes about 10 days, Fruit 1-10 days, meat 7 days and dairy 1 or more days to mold. Dairy molds very quickly because it contains lots of healthy bacteria giving mold a wonderful place to grow. Fruit and dairy take longer because they contain salt and sugar that work as preservatives.
Salt has been used for an incredibly long time as a preservative. It keeps food like bacon, ham and pickled vegetables fresh. Salt is a substance that prohibits mold and bacteria growth. Mold needs a wet environment to grow in and salt prevents the moist environment. Salt is a dehydrator and it absorbs water. When salt is used as a preservative it sucks away the water that the mold uses to grow. Sugar also has been used for a long time; sugar has the same effect on mold that salt has. Both sugar and salt are dehydrators, so, which one is more effective?
Sugar and salt are used as preservatives but which one is the better preservative against mold? If there were two bowls of oatmeal, one with a tablespoon of salt and one with a tablespoon of sugar, if both were kept in a dark, warm and moist environment which one would mold faster? Both are filled with salt or sugar that actively

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