Rhetorical Analysis Of Stop Being Lazy And Eat Right

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The article, “Stop Being Lazy and Eat Right,” was published by Martin Forstrom, a news journalist for the Daily Wildcat, on January 15th, 2016. The main idea that was projected in the article was to get the students to stay healthy and save money. Throughout the article, Forstrom uses several rhetorical strategies and examples to strengthened its argument in a number of ways, and according to the article it is effective. The author uses emotional strategies to make students feel guilty after eating fast food everyday rather than cooking it at home and save money, he also uses comparison too. The intention of the article was to inform the public, students in particular, about the benefits of cooking food at home rather than consuming fast food …show more content…
Emotions have direct affiliation with one’s feelings, and that is one of the strategies the author uses in this article. The author understand that students, as well as the administration, will feel bad and guilty about themselves eating at these fast food restaurants after they read about this article. In the article, Martin Forstrom mentioned that, “Students should adjust to not eating out for most of their meals,” basically this line of the article strongly supports the idea of him using emotions for rhetorical strategies. When students read about that line “Students should adjust to not eating out for most of their meals,” students will feel really bad about them being unhealthy and eating the wrong amount and kind of food. The author did a really good job getting into the UA students emotions. The administration office or people are pretty sure hurt too about this, because they are the ones in control of what to put in the student union for the students to …show more content…
The article “Stop Being Lazy and Eat Right” is persuasive, why? because Martin Forstrom is trying to make the students believe in what he is trying to say. Well, his main point was to get students to learn how to cook food at home rather than spending more money on eating at the fast food restaurants in the student union. The article seems interesting and the author’s argument was on point. He provided some evidence and examples to support his point. Martin Forstrom could’ve provided enough evidence or an evaluation of how many students eats at the students union everyday and students that actually cook food at home and bring to

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