Essay on How Advertising Images Manipulate Your Choices and Spending

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Every day, two things surround individuals: money and images. These two items surprisingly correlate with one another, and at times create conflict. Images are seen everywhere. The average American is exposed to over 3,000 images every single day. (Killbourne, & Pipher, 2000) These 3, 000 images affect an individual’s financial decision, without them even knowing it. These choices affect them both short term and long term. This can be seen through the increase in sales after a new phone goes

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(Wang & Xiao, 2009) The need to spend money on appearance is based upon our society. Our society is adorned with images full of glamour. With glamour, there is beauty. Our society continually pushes upon a woman that she needs to be beautiful, glamorous, anything, that doesn’t have her being simple. Men however, are not expected to spend ravishing amounts of money on their appearance, rather spend their money on leisure items. A recent study conducted on spending habits amongst college students reported that 33 percent reported that they never have enough money, and 18 percent of the participants indicated that they “spend more than they earn” (Cummins, Jenkins, & Haskell, 2009) This can be due to the high demands placed upon by society. Society always wants individuals to have the newest, greatest gadget, and as a result, an individual is not able to save money, in order to assimilate with society. In a study examining financial decision-making between genders, it was found that there was no significant difference; however it was discovered that females have a lower risk preference if they have a greater desire for security, and males have a higher risk preference if they have a greater desire for returns. (Powel & Ansic, 1997) This can be seen in men willing to take risks with their money, in items such as IRA, and the Stock Market. Women are more cautious
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