Health Promotion Essay

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Health by definition is the complete physical, mental and social well-being (Burch, 2001). In the past health has been defined as the absence of disease. Health promotion enables people the ability and resources to improve and control their overall health. Being able to adjust and adapt to various social and physical environments in day-to-day activities is a trait of a healthy individual. Health promotion is not just the responsibility of those individuals in the health field. An individual?s well-being reflects whether or not that person has a healthy lifestyle. Therefore health promotion becomes an issue for employers, retailers, sports and policy makers among others because issues such as safety and environmental factors will …show more content…
Educating our youth is what I feel is the most effective way to accomplish this. Neglecting our older population for the younger population is not what is being implied. The ?baby boomers? are now becoming the elderly population and need to be addressed. Addressing the younger generation now will hopefully lessen the pressures as they become older.

The United States population has tripled since the 1900?s. Adults ages 65 years and older have increased from 3.1 million in 1900 to 33.9 million currently. At this rate by 2030 the number of older Americans will be more than 70 million (CDC1, 2001). One in every 5 Americans will be a senior citizen. This increase in the elderly population will affect health care cost and health promoting techniques. As more of the American population gets older, it becomes necessary to educate them and provide them with resources now. Americans need to know where they can go to get the proper treatment. They should be aware of what resources are available outside of a doctor?s office and hospital.

Chronic diseases, such as cardiovascular disease and arthritis, will be the most problematic among older Americans. There is an Arthritis Self Help Course available that educates the public on arthritis and the management of pain and minimization of symptoms. Adults are taught how early diagnosis and appropriate treatments are important in the management of arthritis. The Arthritis Self Help Course is proven to help adults

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